Stencil painting has become one of the most popular ways to upgrade your walls. They are easy to apply and ensure complete safety for the walls. Stencil painting can be done by using a stencil and applying a paint roller over it to leave the imprint of the design. The stencil can be used for a singular portion of the wall or cover the entire wall according to your convenience. They are among the most pocket-friendly methods to decorate your walls and give a modern aesthetic to your house.

Stencil painting for Living Rooms

The living room is the most important area of the house. This is where you host your guests and this is the perfect spot to impress them with beautiful art prints on walls. You can have an accent wall with designs like a peaceful chakra, a print of Buddha or Ganesha, or have other floral designs. You may choose to have a wall covered with small floral or geometrical shapes. The portion over the main sofa is considered to be the best spot for stencil art. For the best colors for your rooms, check Indigo Paints price.

Stencil painting for Bedrooms

Bedrooms are meant to relaxing and peaceful spaces. Here you can use your own personal creativity to choose a comforting design for stencil art. Colorful floral prints on a pastel-colored wall can give your room a cheerful vibe. You can also use some classy prints like damask and lotus flowers. Other artistic motifs can be used according to personal taste and likings. Geometrical shapes can be very popular for stencil art because of their classy and elegant look.

Stencil painting for Kid’s Rooms

The kid’s room can give a lot of scope for creativity in stencil painting. Any room for kids should give a cheerful vibe and inspire the child to explore new things. Stencil art can be used to make elaborate landscapes for the kid’s room. A playground image, a solar system, birds, butterflies, and a lot of animals- the possibilities are endless!

Stencil painting can give a lot of innovative ideas to make the most out of a small space for kids. It can make the space bright and cheerful. The artwork should be made with safe painting material so that it cannot be destroyed by any kind of mishap or the child’s creative instincts. High-gloss paint can be used that can be stain-resistant and washable. Glossy paints are also considered more vibrant and pigmented than other colors- hence, perfect for stencil art. To get high-quality paints for your rooms, check Nerolac Paints price.


Stencil painting does not take the hassle of wallpapers or other wall decals. They will remain fixed once applied but you will certainly have the option to paint over them if you want to change your walls. Stencil art can give fill up your room with dreamy possibilities of design. It is the best way to refresh your walls to experience a brand-new change.