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Ways of minimising your internet bills

There are several ways that one can use to minimise or reduce his or her internet bills. Get the preeminent value from your internet/international calling cards service by evaluating your usage. Then look into negotiating your bill or switching to a cheaper service. Nothing feels good more than saving money, especially on expensive expenses like internet. Here are some easy ways to lower your internet bill:

  1. Reduce your internet speed

One way you might be paying too much money for your internet? You are paying for more speed than you actually use. Internet service providers are taking internet speed to the next level, with plans that promise download speeds of 100 Mbps or more. That would be great if you need that level of service, most families don’t. Dropping to a lower internet appropriate speed will help reduce your monthly bill depending on your carrier. Consult your provider and check packages that they offer and opt to a lower one.

  1. Negotiate your monthly bill

You don’t need to be a fast talking person to play the negotiation game with an internet service provider. It’s just a few words that can force your internet take a look at your monthly bill. Your role to play is simple, all you have to say is I know of a better deal elsewhere, and I’m prepared to leave your company to get it. You only have to be polite, but firm. Don’t bluff. The better you can back up your position, the more leverage you will have. Firstly research the promotional prices that your provider and its competitors are offering to new customers and be prepared to actually cancel your service and change providers.

  1. Get your own modem and router

Planning to stay with an internet provider for more years? Most Internet service providers let you rent a modem and router for a small monthly fee. It sounds nice right but that extra equipment rental charge quickly adds up. You can reduce your costs by buying your internet hardware that is a modem and a router rather than renting it. You can save a few dollars by purchasing your own equipment but you have to keep in mind that some providers won’t offer support or troubleshooting for your personal equipment.

  1. Bundle your services

A lot of people say bundling is a money-saver, but how much does it really save you? If you already have cable, you can save a few dollars with some providers by bundling your cable and internet service. But beware of the up-sell. Carriers may try to talk you into extra speed or channels on monthly basis. That small monthly increase adds up over time, and defeats your goal to save a few dollars every year.

  1. Shop around and compare prices

If your contract is up soon or you are lucky enough to not have a contract to begin with, don’t be afraid to shop around. You will often find that most Internet service providers offer pretty low introductory rates to new customers. And if you can get a price lock guarantee, it will be even better.

  1. Get cheap, bare-bones internet service

In the event that you have to set aside cash while keeping up an internet connection, you should downsize to a limited-data mobile hot spot plan. You can find cheap prepaid data-only plans here. These plans would be appropriate for activities, for example, browsing your email or online networking a bunch of times each month, however not for streaming video or gaming. On the off chance that you can trim $10 to $20 or more off your month to month internet usage and International calling bill, the savings could give an extraordinary beginning on your just-in-case account or somewhat more leeway in your budget.

In conclusion, there are several ways that you can use to reduce their internet bills that include bundling your services, negotiating your monthly bills, reducing your speed, and getting your own modem and router.