7 Tips to Stay Productive This Summer
7 Tips to Stay Productive This Summer

Summer is just around the corner! Excited as we all are to hit the beach or have a little nearby getaway, it’s needless to say that some of us will be working from home during this season of sun. That is why it will be crucial to stay productive one way or another. In this post, we’ll run down some useful tips on how you can stay at the top of your game and would hopefully drive your productivity as you work from home. Are you ready? Let’s dive right in!

  1. Beat the Summer Heat

In any workplace or workstation, one key factor you must think about is comfort. Come summer, be sure that you’re prepared for the fast-approaching heat waves by getting a stand up air conditioner. We all know that it’s a big help to keep you cool all day, but what are the perks of having one?

First, stand up air conditioners have wheels. That means portability, which lets you easily roll it with you wherever you go. Most of us who work from home sometimes like a little change of scenery by working in different rooms of the house. Now, you will never have to worry about the heat–just bring your stand up air conditioner and you’re set! This is perfect if you haven’t spent bucks on a centralized AC yet because it will save tons of money on your electric bill. What people forget is that the efficiency loss of the AC system can cause an increase in your monthly electricity bills. It also depends on the electricity rates you are paying for your home energy usage. If you are a Texas resident, Express Energy offers a variety of low-cost, simple electricity plans including traditional and renewable energy plans that help reduce carbon emissions. Besides being more energy and cost-efficient, it is much quieter, too! You will enjoy a peaceful workspace to concentrate on your daily tasks.

2. Create a Morning Routine

There’s nothing wrong with doing as you please on a lazy weekend. But if it’s a regular workday and you’re expecting optimum productivity, start building a morning routine that will help you jumpstart your day. 

Stop tapping that snooze button and get up the soonest you open your eyes. Schedule your smart home power adapters to brew your morning coffee or draw open the curtains for you. Not a breakfast person? Stash up on granola bars or high-energy treats to give you the boost you need to seize the day. Stretch, meditate, or get a full breakfast. Whatever you think would help get you going for the workload up ahead, create and build a morning routine for it so you won’t just randomly do tasks or miss out on anything that could have aided your productivity.

3. Keep a Physical Planner/Organizer

Now that we know the importance of building a morning routine, let’s take a look at the benefits of keeping a physical organizer. Today, you are probably familiar with task management apps and software. These are great tools for tracking progress, but writing on a physical planner will help you mentally prepare for your goals for the day. As you write it down and read your notes and handwriting, it will more effectively wire your brain to accomplish your goals than typing it or ticking it off a checkbox on a screen.

4. Eliminate Distractions

You may already have a clean and organized workspace that is free of clutter or distractions. However, there may still be a few types of distractions that you need to deal with. Unless you’re a social media specialist or manager, be sure to close all unnecessary social media tabs on your browser. And among your nearby mobile devices, surely you will need to communicate with people at work so you can’t afford to turn off all notifications or your WiFi connection. So, what you can do is before your shift starts, ensure that you have individually turned off the notifications of your social media apps. Practically speaking, turn off the notifications of any app that keep your devices buzzing and could ruin your productivity momentum.

That said, nothing will get in the way of focusing on the tasks at hand, especially if these require your utmost concentration. When your shift is over, turn back on the notifications from these apps. It may seem like a chore to include in your routine, but your productivity will make it worth doing!

5. Practice Pomodoro

Speaking of concentration, here’s a productivity technique you should learn. Pomodoro, or tomato in Italian, stands for focused work sessions that last 25 minutes each. Within those minutes, you must do your best to focus on the task you’re working on until the timer tells you the session is over. After 25 minutes of full concentration, take a 3 to 5-minute break to check your social media, get a coffee refill, or go to the bathroom. After the break, another 25-minute work session resumes. After every fourth work session, take a one-hour break.

This will drive your productivity like crazy because the balance between the breaks and focused work sessions will provide work momentum and productivity. It’s enough time to rest and just the right number of minutes to concentrate on a task. Any seemingly overwhelming workload will now look achievable, or even easy to conquer.

6. Listen to Podcasts While Doing Other Tasks

Learning never stops. And if you are feeling idle while waiting for your laundry or for that pasta to boil, remember that you can always maximize your time even after work. Jot down ideas on your journal, update your to-do lists on your planner, or better yet listen to a podcast!

Compared to “watching” a YouTube video or documentary, listening to podcasts while doing other stuff is an amazing route to learning new things, staying updated with our favorite hosts, or simply getting entertained. Since all you’ll need is a set of ears, it’s much easier to stay proactive as it doesn’t require you to pay attention using your eyes. You can even listen to your favorite books or novel series through audiobooks. That said, you don’t have to feel bad anymore about not having enough time to learn, or to enjoy a little entertainment.

7. Check Out This Tip for Iced Coffee Lovers

If coffee is one of your daily batteries, this lifehack is just for you! When preparing iced coffee, the ice you use tends to dilute your drink. It waters down the strength of your coffee, so what do you do? Dedicate an ice cube tray filled with brewed coffee. Using these ice cubes instead of ordinary ones will keep your coffee strong, and keep you fully charged throughout the day! A nifty alternative is to scoop in some extra grounds in your coffeemaker to make sure your coffee stays strong.


It’s natural to feel bummed needing to stay at home for the summer, especially when you are working from home. Fortunately, there are basic but helpful tips that can help increase your productivity. We hope you enjoyed this post and wish you luck with all your work-from-home endeavors!