What are the factors that influence gold pricing?

Be it festivals, weddings, or any auspicious event, gold plays an important role in Indian society. Gold serves various purposes as it is used for religious causes, investments, etc. Gold in the form of investments is considered to be very beneficial. There are various forms in which gold can be invested such as SGBs or Sovereign Gold Bonds, physical gold, gold mutual funds, gold exchange-traded funds, etc. There is always a fluctuation in the gold rates. For eg., today gold rate in Tenali is Rs. 4,500 per gram, but there’s no guarantee that it will remain the same tomorrow. Keep a track of the fluctuating gold rates on this portal. Let’s have a look at why there is a constant shift in the gold rates-


  • Global movement- Whenever there is any global movement or a new law is passed regarding trade or any related subject, there is always a shift in the rates of gold. India is considered as one of the largest importers of gold and when the prices of imports change, automatically the price goes up or down. Gold is considered a safe investment. Ironically, people tend to invest more in gold when there is political chaos.
  • Jewellery markets- Gold has an integral role to play in weddings and major events of Indian society. People love gold jewellery as well as anything that has gold in it. Sometimes, there is such a high demand for gold in the market and it has no supply which results in gold imports in huge quantities.
  • Inflation- Gold is very balanced in nature as compared to currency and thus it is used to restrict inflation. This is one of the main reasons why gold is preferred as an investment more than currency. When there is inflation, the demand for gold automatically increases. The higher the rate of demand is the higher the rates of gold. It is true for international as well as domestic inflation. It will affect big as well as small parts of the country, be it the gold rate in of a small area or Mumbai, there will be a shift in the gold pricing. To know how to adjust your investment plans according to the shifting gold rate in Kumbakonam or any other place visit here.
  • Government gold reserves- Major countries hold reserves for currency as well as gold. In India, the Reserve Bank of India holds a gold reserve. The price of gold rises whenever the central banks of any major country start to get hold of more gold. It is because the cash flow in the market is increased when there is a low supply of gold.
  • Interest rates- The interest rate trends of any country are closely connected with the rates of gold. People sell their gold when there is a high-interest rate in order to obtain profits in the form of cash. This leads to an increased supply of gold in the market and thus the rate of the metal gets reduced. On the other hand, there is a great demand for metal when the interest rates are lower and thus the increase in gold rates.


The important point is the gold price is majorly dependent on the demand-supply circle and people should sell or buy gold only after thorough research.



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