barbecue trends

As the effect of coronavirus subside, and we have vaccine rolled out to curb the nasty virus, it is going to get better. We might not be moving back to normal anytime soon; however, we can anticipate new things awaiting us.

As the year begins, we adapt to the latest changes and trends. Here are few chances in the barbecue world that you should follow in 2021 aside from the popular scottona.

1.Grilled Vegetables

We know it isn’t new; we have been doing that for years now. Of course, we’ll keep grilling vegetables like peppers, corn, and zucchini, but this year one might witness new vegetables added to the list, such as okra, snap peas, and brussels sprouts.

2.Grilled Vegetables as ingredients

Many people have started using grill vegetables as ingredients instead of using them as a condiment to enhance the taste. They will be accompanied by main courses like smoked vegetable stocks and soups, ember-roasted tomato sauce, and grilled vegetable frittatas.

3.Spice Rubs

Heard of Za’atar or Garam Masla. In case you haven’t, let me help you. The former is a culinary herb used for seasoning in the Middle East, while the latter is the important ingredient used in the Indian kitchen to entice the taste of any dish. 2021 is the year of spice rubs. Like dukkah, the Egyptian and Middle East condiment made from a blend of herbs, nuts, spices, and Panch Phoron, which is a whole spice blend popular for preparing Bengali dishes, will have the next big spice rub.

4.African Grilling

2021 is returning to the grilling nation South Africa where the Barbecue began and adapting their grilling techniques and dishes, which involve Braai, Suya, Nigerian beef kebabs; dibi, mustard- and onion-blasted Senegalese grilled chicken and fish, Sosate and rooster brodje along with Kati Kati which is a famous African grilled chicken.

5.Wood-Fired Ovens

Wood-fired ovens have been used for a decade now, but in 2021 we’ll see them being installed in our homes and outdoor kitchens. You can use this wood-fired oven not just to cook pizzas and bread, but to roast fish, rack of lamb, potatoes, vegetables, chestnuts, and even apples and pears for dessert.

6.Wireless Thermometers

Get rid of wireless thermometers that keep you tethered to your grill. However, these wireless thermometers have a limited life span for steaks, chops, chicken, and small roasts.