What is the eligibility criteria to join a B.Arch?
What is the eligibility criteria to join a B.Arch?

Primarily, B.Arch is an undergraduate program of five years. Moreover, the aim of the program is to help the candidates obtain training regarding building models. However, they pursue theoretical knowledge on this aspect as well. Basically, they study theories and practicals regarding preparation of construction model. At the same time, they study about preparing blueprints of useful techniques and norms. 

Apparently, the popularity of B.Arch course has grown through growing urbanization. In fact, the advent of superior technology has made things even more interesting. Apparently, there is a massive demand for architects with growing construction of commercial centers, shopping malls, etc.        

Eligibility criteria in terms of score

Now, with such immense prospects, it is obvious for interested candidates to enquire about the eligibility criteria of it. In this context, the aspirants first of all need to have Science as their subject in class 12th. Most importantly, they need to have this qualification from a reckoning board. 

Above all, the candidate needs to have 50% in aggregate to be eligible for the examination. However, there is certainly relaxation for the candidates with reservations. In other words, there is a reservation for the SC/ST candidates. Basically, these students can be eligible upon having 45% in aggregate. Check NATA Aptitude Questions with answers.

What about the students those having Diploma qualification? Anyway, they too are also eligible for the study program. However, they need to have a Diploma in their respective discipline. In other words, those having a Diploma in Architecture or Civil can be eligible. However, it is suggested to enquire through the concerned board for more details on it. 

Eligibility criteria regarding B.Arch Entrance Exams

Eligibility criteria for B. Arch depend quite a lot upon the specific entrance exam as well. Moreover, the Council of Architecture conducts the examination. Through this, one can take admission to various architecture colleges over the nation. In fact, one can take admission to national level, as well as state-level architecture colleges over the nation. Noteworthy here is that above 30k students appeared for the B.Arch in 2020. To be specific, one needs to aim for NATA 2021 entrance examination for B.Arch studies. Moreover, those aiming at the top-level colleges of the state and nation should certainly aim at it.        

Well, not just NATA, one can pursue B. Arch through clearing JEE Mains exam as well. However, the candidate needs to have above 87 scored in JEE mains to be eligible for pursuing the study. But, NATA is essential to become a certified architect.

Subjects to focus on for eligibility

To be eligible for taking admission in the exam, one needs to have clarity about the subjects to focus on. Primarily, one needs to focus on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, General Aptitude, and logical reasoning for this. In fact, there can be a General Knowledge section as well in certain exams. 

However, in most cases, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are the subjects. Most importantly, one needs to focus on Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry for the B.Arch entrance examinations. Keeping this in mind, one needs to possess these subjects at 12th level. Considering the toughness of competition, it is essential to possess strong knowledge in all these. Download NATA Question papers PDFs.

Indeed, there is a huge fuss about B.Arch undergraduate program of 5 years. One can pursue this program upon meeting the eligibility criterion after 12th exam. Most importantly, they need to score a 50 percent mark at 12th level. Most importantly, one can become a license holding architecture upon pursuing this examination. Through the process, they can become eligible or have authorization for developing top construction projects. In fact, it makes them eligible for constructing government projects as well. 

Subjects to clear in the study for certification

Starting from basic humanities to aesthetics, it comprises it all, including engineering. In terms of syllabus, B. Arch comprises of various subjects, ranging from theories, projects, and practical. Most importantly, this includes research training as well. 

Post completion

On most occasions, students pursue management programs after B. Arch to uplift their career profile. Coming to the course, B. Arch comprises different dimensions of different streams in various subjects. Undoubtedly, most students prefer pursuing an MBA post completion of B.Arch. However, the traditional approach is to pursue an M. Arch post completion of B.Arch. Furthermore, there are also students who prefer pursuing Post Graduate Diploma courses after B. Arch. Similarly, there are many who opt for professional diploma programs as well after B. Arch.


There are more than 800 colleges for architecture studies. Similarly, there are above 90k proper architects with certification at present in India. Now, this certainly depicts a lot about the immensity of the course. Above all, the candidate needs to ensure about meeting the eligibility criterion to expect greater prospects.