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What You Need To Know About Roof Edge Protection

Every year thousands of accidents happen on construction sites. Many of them are caused by falls from roofs. Construction workers who work on or near the edge of a roof are at particular risk of falling, and serious injury or death.

Whether it is for rooftop maintenance, inspection, construction or repair, the use of roof edge protection systems is essential for the safety of workers. In this post, we will outline what you need to know about roof edge protection. 

What is Roof Edge Protection?

Working at height always comes with a high risk of fall accidents. Roof edge protection is equipment designed to protect against falls, most commonly used during the construction of residential or commercial buildings.

Typically these structures are placed around the perimeter of a roof so that there is a reduced potential of people or materials falling over the edge. When working at heights can’t be avoided, scaffolding solutions provide a barrier that limits people, equipment or materials from coming close to or completely falling off the edge. 

When is it Needed?

Whether the work is for the long or short term, all work at heights must be carried out with the risks and precautions covered by suitable protective measures. Whenever roof work or access to a roof is needed roof edge protection is one of the best ways to ensure that workers are safe when carrying out their duties.

According to the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, it’s required to install edge protection or a fall arrest device before accessing any roof 2 metres above ground level, or with a slope greater than 26°. 

Types of Roof Edge Protection

Flat or sloped, sheeting or tiles – the roof edge protection system you need will depend on the type of roof you have. Different types include:


This is the most common solution for commercial and industrial buildings. A full scaffolding system will be installed around the perimeter of the roof, with access points set up as needed.

Fixed Roof Rail

This type of system is attached to the roof and can be used on both commercial and residential properties. The railing is usually made of anti-corrosion material and can be customised to fit the specific needs of the property.

Free Standing Roof Rail

Freestanding roof handrails do not penetrate the roof membrane, making them quick and easy to install. Because of this, there is minimal disruption should it need repairing, or parts removed.

Hang on Platforms

Hang-on platforms are a type of suspended scaffold that is commonly used on sloped roofs. The platform is supported by outriggers that are fastened to the roof deck or structure.

Australis Edge Protection Solutions

If you need experienced and credible edge protection services, look no further than Australis. With over years of experience in the industry, they offer a comprehensive range of roof edge protection solutions to suit any type of property, commercial, residential or industrial.

They aim to eliminate height safety risks that employees or contractors are exposed to while working at various heights. They have been designed for ease of installation, protection of the property and compliance with Australian Standards and codes.

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