When Should You Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Whether you must hire the Brooklyn accident lawyer after the accident is one important choice. You have a right to visit and talk to your lawyer before talking to the insurance firm, but you have a right to fight the insurance firm on your own. You need to make an informed decision. When you choose, know these tricks that the insurance firms use against the injured people who do not hire any lawyers. You must hire a lawyer to represent your case after the accident in such situations:

When to Hire a Lawyer for My Case?

No matter whether you hire an auto accident lawyer is totally your choice. However, if you choose to get the right accident lawyer for your accident case, it is generally good to hire one fast– preferably one day of a collision, or afterward. There’re some reasons for this.

Legal Deadlines. There’re many deadlines you will have to meet, and a good lawyer will ensure that you meet all of them. The deadline is a statute of limitations that is normally 2 years and differs from one state to another. Statute of limitations will set the right time your case should get filed with a trial court.

There are some lesser-known deadlines, which you have to know. That depends on what kinds of insurance are involved, insurance policy will need you to notify an insurer about collision “promptly” and “practical.” Deadlines just like this are quite common in underinsured motorist insurance plans. Suppose the governmental entity gets involved (for instance, because at-fault driver has worked for the government or due to negligent roadway maintenance), you might need to meet deadlines that are 6 months or 1 year. Missing the deadlines will be one big problem. At times missing the deadline means you can’t win the case.

You have suffered injuries or damage to the car. Suppose you were ever involved in the minor fender-bender, which didn’t cause any serious injuries, then you might not require the help of the car accident attorney. However, in other circumstances, talking with an experienced injury attorney is the right way you can protect your legal rights and recover your compensation.

You are offered the low-ball settlement. You must speak to your attorney before agreeing to the settlement and making any kind of official statement to the third-party insurance company. Early after the accident, it’s tough, not impossible, to have a clear & thorough understanding of the costs that accident injuries may inflict on life. Until the experienced lawyer has helped you to analyze the extent of these damages that you have sustained, and you risk accepting the settlement in the case, which is very low and won’t completely cover costs that you face in the present and future. When you have accepted the settlement, generally you won’t have an opportunity of going back or asking for money.

When an insurance firm is offering an amount that you feel is rightly fair

Suppose you are in a situation where it is quite clear that the insurance firm wants to settle, then there is a tricky calculation that you need to know. Do you want to come in the situation where you need to negotiate for a longer time & hand one-third of the compensation if the insurance firm wants to settle down? Do you know what they’re offering you appear fair? Suppose the insurance company isn’t playing nice and refusing to acknowledge the full extent of the claim, you will have to talk to the lawyer.

Final Words

If yours isn’t the clear-cut accident case, make sure you consult with the lawyer before you talk to the insurance adjuster. Doing this can save you to make any kind of statements to an adjuster that might be very damaging to the claim, statements you might regret later on. Suppose statute of the limitations, and the time limit for filing the lawsuit, has expired, this might be very late to get the right lawyer for your car accident. I hope, we have answered your questions on when you must hire the car accident attorney during your claims procedure.

Suppose you are looking to consult with a professional attorney, you may start your search just by visiting the search engine and look for the best accident attorney in your area.