Nearly 86% of survey respondents said they missed their in-person workout communities.

With the increase in the trend of fitness, a need for managing gyms efficiently also arise. Gyms need a solution which not only manages their customers but also integrate with their previous software which saves time of transferring information from one tool to another. Because gathering different information from the different tool is not feasible. They need software that manages and streamlines information for them instead of a mess of information.

This is only possible by using Gym Softwarewhich not only manages all tasks of a gym but also streamlines each information for the ease of users. Each gym information is of worth use whether it’s related to customers, employees, operations, or financial activities. The spreadsheet also saves information but it is not feasible because it is difficult to filter information and automate processes.

All gyms now want to reduce the burden of operational tasks from staff so that they keep full focus on clients. Prior information about customers helps a lot in managing customers more conveniently. When you know about someone it takes less time to break the ice and to be comfortable with each other. More customers feel comfortable with you more they love your service.

Attributes of Software:

The attributes of this software ensure you that you are going to have a mastermind for your gym who not only manage your gym but also make better plans for it. Like it can automatically reschedule the duties of employees and it also reflects the right time of marketing. If a software can do such things for you how can you deny the usefulness of this software?

1.    Billing Processes:

This software generates automatic bills for booking and also for a gym which they owe to vendors. This software also automatically charge no show penalty and late submission of membership fee fine on bills. In this way, it not only keeps your accounts updated but also secure you from the chances of loss.

2.    Easy to Buy Membership:

Through this software, you can show multiple membership plans for adults, children, students, and old age people on your website. Clients can choose any of these plans even they have an option of choosing a monthly, quarterly, or annual payment plan. New customers also receive different discounts and offerson membership and payment plans.

To attract new customers discounts on membership plays a vital role. It shows customers that they can receive better service by spending less money. This is a tactic which gym use to play with the psychology of customers.

3.    Marketing of Gym’s Services:

Marketing was once difficult but a Gym Software made it easier. This software store the purchase behaviour of clients which helps it in grouping all customers with similar interests. It also studies when customers respond to marketing campaigns more than usual days. The marketing department creates effective campaigns which this software forward to customers via email and text.

4.    Accessibility to Information:

This software manages accesses to information. Not everyone can access each information because confidential information is only for gym owners. By assigning different accounts to your employees, you can provide them access to only relevant information. Due to easy accessibility, everyone can efficiently manage its responsibility.

5.    Assigning Employee Duties:

By creating a draft initially managers have the ease to edit that draft daily. But in a case when an employee failed to fulfil his assigned duty this software provide the list of all those candidates who are interested and suitable for the desired role. This software automatically chooses the best replacement and send a notification to that person regarding a change in his schedule.

Immediate notification of changes through a BestGym Software reduced the utilization of manager’s precious time in setting employee schedules, a chance of increase in labour cost, and eliminate the wastage of employee duty time. These all are the symptoms of bad management of human resource for the resolution of which implementation of this software is necessary.

6.    Record of Attendance:

To determine members are showing interest in your gym you have to track their attendance. For tracking attendance, it is up to you to use a biometric method or card scanning method and integrate it with your software. With the integration of both these or any other method this software save details of attendance which are not only visible to managers but members and their trainers can also see those figures.

These are the ideal features of any software because they are covering each aspect of the business that needs efficiency to increase the revenue of the business.


People are now more interested in joining gyms than exercising at home. But they prefer those gyms that are efficient in providing quality services. Wellyx can make your gym one of those that are efficient in providing quality services. Make your gyms an ideal place for your customers and reap the unfinished perks of it.