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Why are Employee Recognition & Employee Reward so Important?

Employee recognition is one important acknowledgment given by the company or manager to reward the outstanding performance of their employees who have done a great job. Thus, an important reasons of appreciating your employee at the workplace will be reinforcing their work culture, practices, and actions that provides better performance and results to your business. And there is no better way to appreciate your employee than by giving them Circle Awards.


Determine Your Recognition Efforts 

Determine what you would like to attain through the employee recognition efforts. Most of the organizations make use of the scatter approach of employee recognition by giving circle awards. They implement different employee recognition ideas& hope some attempts stick. Conversely, they find out some employees & not quite often.

Instead, form goals and proper action plans for employee recognition. You need to recognize the behaviors, actions, approaches, as well as accomplishments you know, can make the organization very efficient and productive.

Showcase Achievement

Why it feels so nice when you get a “thank you” note from somebody? We feel a need to get praised at a certain level. And they are keen to know their achievements and hard work are not going unnoticed. When anyone achieves the goal, work or personal, they feel the rush of achievement, this good feeling is amplified if others recognize & acknowledge their achievement too.

Make Your Employees Happier

The happy employees are a bit more productive. Getting recognized offers your staff a feeling of job mastery & they are the right fit for the role & company. The acknowledgment will improve productivity, loyalty, as well as promote collaboration. Besides, the workplace must be the environment where only positive reinforcement gets promoted & constructive feedback gets embraced.

Reinforce Values

The actions and achievements recognized more often show your employees what’s valued by the leaders, managers, and organization. When we get positive recognition for the action, we generally tend to associate this action with the reward and achieve this feeling again in future actions also. Thus, recognizing some actions will reinforce values that organization wants in their culture.

Increase morale

In a way, your company’s leaders manage the employees plays an important factor in employee motivation. Allowing your staff to know their achievement and hard work is getting recognized by the company will help to motivate the company’s highly valuable asset. One simple greeting before & at an end of a day is obvious but at times ignored form of recognition. Even saying a meaningful thank you & apologizing for misunderstanding will be the subtle ways to show appreciation & respect.

All these gestures might appear quite trivial. However, these are some best ways of employee recognition in your workplace.

Make Timely Recognition

Give recognition at close intervals if possible. When any person performs nicely, provide recognition right away. Because it is likely an employee is feeling good about their performance, and your timely recognition can enhance their positive feelings. In turn, this affects your employee’s confidence in the ability to perform really well in the position.