Anu Telugu Typing Software

Anu Telugu typing software is a computer-based typography program where you can type in languages like Telugu. It’s available in the Windows operating system. It’s quite straightforward to use and that’s the reason it’s extremely well known in India.

Really this is an incredible paid typing program but I will serve you for free now. You may use it for your professional usage, personal usage and you’ll not face any difficulty.

A while ago, Anu Script Telugu Typing Software Free Download for Windows 10 was a lot more popular however as each program includes an upgraded version and Anu Telugu typing software 7.0 is the newest edition of the program. But I am providing download links for both 6.0 and 7.0 below. You are able to download according to your requirement.

Key Features Of Anu Telugu Typing Software

  • Available especially for Telugu language
  • Basic tasks to memorize the position of the keys
  • Adaptability practice
  • Clean graphical interface
  • Multi-language service
  • Audio/video file conversion and preview
  • BitTorrent service
  • Mobile (USB stick) style
  • Download acceleration
  • Resume broken downloads
  • Upload Manager
  • Flash movie downloading
  • Speed typing
  • Fluence typing
  • Allows you to import external texts
  • Adjust traffic use
  • Active adware and spyware protection through active communication among consumers

Plus a lot more features!

System Requirements

You should have a few essentials on your system or computer to set up any version of Anu Telugu typing software. We all know, now every PC meets those requirements. But I’ve still provided you with the listing below, so you will understand about it.

Higher version windows compared to “Windows XP”.

Processor should be quicker than Intel Pentium IV.

It’s essential to get a minimal 512 MB RAM on your system.

Working of Anu Telugu typing software (Anu Script Font)

The Anu script manager cracked variant is extremely demanded on the internet for Anu Telugu typing software.

Anu Script Manager is a font based program created by Anu Graphics Systems in the industry of Audio and Multimedia for Telugu typography creations.

The users of Anu Telugu typing software received the timely updates for 63 times last month. Anu Script Font can be found in the most recent version Anu Telugu typing software 7.0.

Anu Script Font 7.0 had been the first widely used Anu Fonts into the database of Anu Telugu typing software, that’s the most popular edition.


Lipikaar: Telugu Typing Software for Windows

Lipikaar Telugu Typing Software is a free writing program that helps you to acquire good typing skills in Telugu with PC keyboards and laptops. It is the best typing software for those who are seeking a way to start typing Telugu in a most effective and practical way.

It develops the working potential required to write down Telugu by typing in computers, because of the solid structure provided by this Lipikaar software, and also different practices are provided to facilitate the training of an equivalent and also to extend the speed of typing.

Lipikaar Telugu Typing Software is free software that aims to provide effective services, that is, language typing along with saving time and money.

Comparison between Lipikaar and Anu Telugu typing software

There should be no doubt that this Lipikaar Telugu Typing Software will guide you to increase your typing speed and reduce errors while writing faster by pursuing your typing speed practice but Anu Telugu typing software has been used since decades due to its multi-purpose usage and effective features availability.