Saúl Rodríguez

Every YouTuber has a story behind his success. Saúl Rodríguez also have a story and, we are sharing his struggle and hard work with you. The story of a YouTube Star Saúl Rodríguez

 His Start Up on YouTube

In 2015 Saúl Rodríguez created his first channel called “NoNosCortes” in which he started like every YouTuber at that time, doing what was known as videoblogs, videos that consisted of recording himself while talking about a specific topic with which everyone felt identified, such as school, boyfriends, parents, videos with which he was not very successful, but there was always the persistence of achieving his dream, of reaching many people, of making many more people happy for a moment with what he loved to do.

 Way Towards Success

In 2018 he began making videos on the streets, interviewing people on the street, videos that were released to Spanish-speaking people from all over the world, in the same year the Badabun company began to spread his videos with prior permission, re-uploading them to Facebook generating more audience for Saul Rodríguez, his most popular video is “¿Tu a que vennes a la colegio?” video that has more than 10 million visits, in addition to having more than 2 million subscribers on its YouTube channel.

After One Year

In 2019 he created his second channel called “SAUL” in which he shares a bit of his life in a fun way, recording the things he does, how he does them, and promoting good health by showing that he loves training in the gym, the channel of “SAUL” has thousands of followers who never miss any of his videos.

 Result of Hard Work

After that struggle nowadays, he has a name on YouTube. He has now 2.51m Subscribers on his channel. All this success comes from hard work and patience. YouTube always takes so much time towards success. Most of the people skip YouTube in that time but hard work will always keep you towards success.

Where you can Find Him ?

This YouTube Star is available on social media platforms like InstaGram , FaceBook and Youtube. Here are his Social media links from which you can find him easily and can make a talk with him.

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